Story Of Chinese Waterfall Diver Di Huanran

Di Huanran is an incredible example of what age is no barrier when it comes to sports. Despite the odds, Huanran has honed his skills in waterfall diving since his twenties, and has proven his prowess in this craft by entering and bagging a second place in a 2017 photo contest. His daring dive off a waterfall in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang province, is a testament to his skill and bravery. While it may look simple from above, Huanran is an expert at this, and his story is a reminder that age is not a limitation when it comes to sports. Indeed, only a superhuman can do this jump of faith.

An Introspective Look at Our Oceanic Friends

For those who suffer from fear of the ocean, the mere sight of this image may cause a sense of anxiety. But, despite its impressive size, the creature pictured here is far from intimidating. The humpback whale is a gentle giant, whose loud vocalizations are actually less powerful than a jet engine. These mammals are known to follow people out of curiosity, and they have a unique feature: tubercles, a pattern of white bumps and knobs on their heads.

Despite the common misconception, humpback whales pose no real harm to humans, and they are instead a source of beauty, mystery, and fun.

Mystery of the Yellow Scarecrow

Have you ever seen a bright yellow figure standing in a field, usually dressed in human clothes? This is known as a yellow scarecrow, an object that is used to ward off flying animals. According to The Atlantic, these scarecrows have been used to protect properties from evil spirits in other parts of the world.

At first glance, this figure may seem familiar, almost like Big Bird from the iconic children’s television program “Sesame Street”. However, it is highly unlikely that flying animals would be scared of this bright, oversized character. It is a mysterious figure shrouded in its own unique history, with different meanings and interpretations in different cultures.

Waiting to Chomp

In a rare moment of curiosity, a lone lion looked upwards as a drone flew above it. The lion, part of a pride of related females and their offspring along with one to four unrelated males, is a fascinating creature indeed.

This is a stark contrast to the lifespans of other animals, making the lives of lions even more fascinating. Drone owners, with the aid of their high-tech gadgets, can now get a closer look at these majestic creatures. The genius of drone ownership allows us to observe and appreciate the fascinating lives of mighty lions from a safe distance.

Portal To Underworld

Descending into the depths of the Kraken Hole, one is immediately struck by its awe-inspiring presence. Nestled away in the heart of Napa Valley, this artificial spillway was designed to prevent flooding in the event the reservoir becomes too full. From a distance, it looks like a vortex that could swallow up any unsuspecting individual.

The sinkhole reveals a deep, dark pool of water in the area. It is an incredible geological feature that serves an important purpose. Taking a moment to stand in its presence, one can’t help but be in awe of the magnificent power of nature and the human ingenuity that created such an incredible feat.

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

Stepping onto the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona, one cannot help but be amazed by the sprawling 2,600-acre lot before them. This is the home of the Davis-Monthan Air Force Boneyard, where retired US military aircraft come to rest when they are no longer needed for active service.

The Boneyard is an impressive sight, with hundreds of aircraft of all sizes and varieties filling the horizon. It serves multiple functions, such as storing planes in case they’re needed again, repairing them, and disassembling them for scrap and spare parts. This is an incredible testament to the incredible achievements of military aviation and the technology that powers it.

The Gentle Giant Who Shares And Cares

High in the sky, the drone captures an image of a giant baby-like creature. Its size and manner of being portrayed evoke a sense of mystery and suspense. It is almost as if the creature is watching your every move, waiting for you to make a mistake before pouncing. This piece of art is especially eerie, due to the fact that it was crafted by a notorious criminal.

From the air, you can feel the creature’s gaze and sense the danger that it may present. The use of drone photography to craft this piece of art is a testament to its eerie power.